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World’s Naughtiest Son Pranks His Dad All The Time

Rude or adorable? Watch the video and see for yourself!

Mark Andrew





It’s always heartwarming when we hear about good father-and-son relationships. This story below shows us exacty that but in a very interesting, funny way: through a series of pranks.

Jamie Zhu, who calls himself a “social media entertainer” from Sydney, Australia, loves pranking people – especially his ‘traditional’ Chinese father. The tandem has since gained a lot of love and attention online and it’s really easy to understand why.

Jamie and his dad are definitely father and son goals!

As you can see on the video we’ve embedded here, the two really has a tight bond. Despite Jamie’s usual naughty tricks, his dad simply plays it cool. He just gives him a light slap and even laughs with his son.

At one point, the youngster asked his father about his stay in Australia and the old man replied:

“It’s very nice, except you keep pranking on me. But I still love you very much because you’re my son.”

Naturally, netizens couldn’t help but adore their amazing relationship.

Although some commenters say Jamie is rude for pulling pranks like that on his father, many agree that these two men show us that parent and child relationships can be enriched with humor and love.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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Social media netizens have left various reactions on the duo’s prank clips.

One person wrote:

“If I do this to dad, I am never going to see the world again.”

Another commented:

“His dad is so sweet and adorable. Love the way he says ‘Jamie’, the accent. How he takes this all in stride is beyond me haha. I’d be exasperated by the end.”

Also, one netizen defended:

“Whoever takes offense to this needs to lighten up. It’s just son and father fun. The dad clearly loves his son even though he’s a jokester.”

If you’re interested to follow Jamie Zhu and Daddy Zhu, you can go check them out over at Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Kim Jong-Un Impersonator Dragged Out By Security At The Winter Olympics

The police later detained him “for his own safety”.

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This recently happened during the Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea. To everyone’s surprise, a look-alike of the supreme leader danced in front of Pyongyang’s cheerleaders. Their reaction, you say? Well they weren’t exactly thrilled!

The Kim Jong-Un prankster visited the cheerleaders from North Korea at the Winter Olympics.

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Prankster dad leaves son horrified after hiding a sex toy in his luggage and recording his priceless reaction when airport security find it.




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Ted captured the hilarious moment on film and uploaded it on Facebook, where it was viewed 22 million times and shared over 400,000 times.

Ted's son was patiently waiting for the security officer to finish the luggage inspection.

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Guy Pranks Hot Girlfriend By Secretly Putting Female Viagra On Her Drink

She just can’t stop herself from getting aroused.




We all know what a Viagra can do, but what we do not know is its effects on women. We may have the slightest idea – it is a sex enhancer after all – but we want to see it happen right in front of us. Or, at least, there is someone who can show it to us, like a video or something.

Apparently, we have Ryan Hamilton of Hammy T.V to thank for that. That is because he made a female Viagra prank video in which his girlfriend has unknowingly taken the said drug. And it is definitely one of the funniest videos this guy has ever filmed.

This dude right here gave her girlfriend Viagra, and the effects on her are just hilarious.

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