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Off-Duty Coast Guard Saves Over 60 Persons From A Sinking Vessel

This guy is a real-life hero!

  • Seaman First PO3 Ralph Barajan is being hailed as a hero after saving more than 60 individuals from a sinking ship.
  • With his efforts, he helped the crew members and passengers of MV Siargao Princess survive until they were found by rescuers.

It takes great courage to put one’s self at risk for the sake of others but that’s exactly what an off-duty coastguard did when things took a tragic turn as he was traveling by sea. Seaman First P03 Ralph Barajan rode a boat from the province of Bohol to Southern Cebu in the Philippines when it started sinking about an hour after its departure.

Fortunately for those who took MV Siargao Princess that day, Barajan was among the passengers. His inner hero – and the skills he gained during training – kicked in and he managed to save more than 60 people from drowning.

Barajan secured 56 passengers and 7 crew members before even thinking about himself.

By his own admission, Barajan said he felt scared when the vessel began to sink. Despite that, he couldn’t help but spring into action to rescue others from sure danger.

He made sure no one would be left behind and that everyone had their life vests.

In an interview with the media, he shared:

“I wanted everyone to be saved that’s why I tried to bring us all closer. We tied ourselves together so we will not drift apart.”

65-year-old Maria Encarnacion Arellano, one of the passengers, is extremely grateful to Barajan for all he did for them. She also added that the group stayed floating in the sea for 2 hours before PCG-7 rescuers finally came. If it wasn’t for the brave and quick-thinking Coast Guard personnel, they would have surely died.

He’s a real-life hero!

PCG-7’s spokesman Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Encina agreed that Barajan truly played a huge role in saving everyone. He also commended him, pointing out that gathering everyone in a single location was a great idea as the rescuers eventually had an easier time finding them.


Greta Thunberg Declines Environmental Reward Worth $52,000

We need more action and less awards, she said.

  • Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has been bestowed the environmental award by the Nordic Council.
  • While she accepted the award, she declined the cash reward worth US $52,000.

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Filipino Chess Grandmaster Wesley So Wins World Title, Topples No. 1 Magnus Carlsen

He has understandable reasons why he switched sides.

  • Originally from the Philippines, 26-year-old Wesley So made history after defeating Magnus Carlsen in the World Fischer Random Chess Championship.
  • The young chess grandmaster said "politics" pushed him to leave the country and move to the United States.

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Police Are Implementing Social ‘Chat Benches’ Where Strangers Can Talk

“Sit here if you don’t mind someone stopping by to say hello.”

  • Old age is not an easy period for so many people.
  • In addition to the sudden change in lifestyle, elderly people also have to deal with problems relating to isolation, boredom, and sometimes, even maltreatment from the society.
  • As such, some police units are installing benches which they call 'Friendship Benches' in an effort to help.
  • Through these benches, these police units hope to help alleviate loneliness among elderly people, and possibly cheer them up.
  • The benches were made available in public parks and are meant to help combat mental distress associated with isolation from the rest of the world.

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