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Ivanka Trump Congratulates Boris Johnson as the next PM of the “United KINGSTON”




  • Ivanka Trump congratulated Boris Johnson for being elected as the new Prime Minister.
  • However, Ivanka’s tweet indicated that Johnson is the next PM of the “United Kingston”.
  • The error is similar to the time Donald Trump called Prince Charles the “Prince of Whales”.

Ivanka Trump was just trying to congratulate Boris Johnson for his most recent achievement. Unfortunately, her post on social media became popular for a completely different reason. The First Daughter had actually congratulated Johnson for becoming the new Prime Minister of the “United Kingston.”

On July 23, Boris Johnson was elected as the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister, replacing Theresa May. It is a controversial choice from the Conservative Party and celebrities immediately shared their reaction to the news on social media. Not surprisingly, Ivanka Trump was one of the people who reacted to the election but her tweet ended up going viral for its hilarious typo.

Considering that Ivanka Trump has 6.7 million followers on Twitter, it didn’t take long before the tweet went viral. Netizens immediately had a lot to say about the “United Kingston”.

Some were quick to point out that Ivanka’s error was very similar to Donald Trump’s own tweet where he mistakenly referred to Prince Charles as “the Prince of Whales”.

Ivanka Trump has since corrected her error but people continue to point out that the mistake will never be forgotten, especially since it was made on the internet.

Although Ivanka Trump did not apologize for the typo, another tweet cheekily explained why it happened in the first place. Ivanka shared an article that pointed out the error and wrote, “The perils of autocorrect!”

The new tweet was once again met with some hilarious responses.

“You and your father can’t spell geographical locations such as United Kingston, Whales and even the great state of Kentuky. I do give you credit, however, for owning up to your mistake, unlike your father. Any way, I have to go grab a hamberder and covfefe,” one netizen wrote.

Boris Johnson is officially the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and has delivered his first speech as PM.

Watch Boris Johnson’s first speech below:

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