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Epic 9-Foot Tall Iron Man Hulkbuster Cosplay Stole The Show At Comic Con





If you’ve been to a comic convention before, you know that wearing superhero costumes is pretty much the norm during such events. But if you’ve attended the recently-concluded New York Comic Con, you’ll know one particular cosplay stood out from the rest.

The “Iron Man Hulkbuster” cosplay by Thomas DePetrillo of Extreme Costumes totally grabbed everyone’s eyes because of its massive size and impressive details. It’s really hard to miss this guy given the fact that the costume stands over 9 feet tall. You’ll see it even if you’re standing several meters away from where he stands.

Worn by Iron Man on Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Hulkbuster cosplay quickly became a crowd favorite at NYCC.

ironman-hulkbuster-cosplay-nycc 1

Photo credit: ComicBookResources

According to DePetrillo, the Hulkbuster costume is the “single largest, most domineering thing” he has done in his life. The suit took two years to complete and he spent more than 1,600 hours working on it.

Thomas DePetrillo said the Hulkbuster suit took him 2 years to finish.

ironman-hulkbuster-cosplay-nycc 4

Photo credit: ExtremeCostumes

Made from EVA foam, aluminum, polycarbonate shell, and a host of other materials, DePetrillo spent an estimated amount of $3,000 for this project alone. The suit weighs more than 95 pounds.

DePetrillo admits he’s always been fascinated with creating costumes. He said:

“I see something on a screen, or in anime or TV show or a comic book — I’m frequently thinking, ‘Can I make that?'”

To see how DePetrillo made the costume, check out this video:

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The costume eventually won the grand prize for the NYCC cosplay competition.
ironman-hulkbuster-cosplay-nycc 5

Photo credit: ExtremeCostumes

All the work has been worth it though as the Hulkbuster eventually bagged the award of winning the Eastern Championship of Cosplay. It comes as no surprise that Tech Insider website dubbed it as the “most amazing cosplay” at NYCC.

The best thing about being the Hulkbuster is seeing the “looks on the faces of children,” says DePetrillo.

ironman-hulkbuster-cosplay-nycc 3

Photo credit: ExtremeCostumes

For DePetrillo though, he says that the most rewarding thing out of the entire experience is to see “the looks on the faces of the children.”



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