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25 Times That Prove Instant Karma Can Be A Bitch





Karma, as they say, can be an absolute bitch. In the past, we’ve featured one rude driver who flipped off a woman in traffic and ended up regretting it. Also, who could forget those nasty cheaters who definitely got what they deserved.

As you will see here, the photos and GIFs below show us what can happen when some people, and even animals, behave poorly. While they’re undoubtedly hilarious and satisfying, we sure hope these images will somehow put things in proper perspective and remind us all to, well, play nice.

Go scroll down and see for yourself:

#1. This is what you get for being ill-tempered.

Source: Twitter
#2. Police in Turkey tried stopping a Pride Parade using water cannons and accidentally created a rainbow.

Source: Reddit
#3. That culprit will never steal from a fridge again.

Source: Reddit
#4. It all went wrong very fast.

#5. This made me laugh for more than 5 minutes.

Source: Reddit
#6. Sneakin’ some bunny ears, huh?

Source: Reddit
#7. Instant karma got this driver.

#8. Hitchhiker steals a pack of cigarettes. What a wrong move!

Source: Reddit
#9. This driver quickly realized why parking isn’t allowed on this spot.

Source: Reddit
#10. Definitely not special.

#11. Clearly, you should never mess with a cat.

Source: YouTube
#12. So who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Source: YouTube
#13. When the prankster becomes the victim.

#14. Someone t-bones this driver and then drove off – leaving hard evidence on the scene.

Source: Facebook
#15. This is what CCTV cameras are made for!

#16. The driver never saw it coming.

Source: YouTube
#17. Man vs Garbage Can.

#18. Road sign strikes back!

#19. A failed mission, if you ask me.

Source: Imgur
#20. Oh crap, wait!

#21. Well that escalated quickly.

#22. Stupidity at its finest.

Source: Imgur
#23. Stealing a pair of black boots, eh?

Source: Reddit
#24. Some words of wisdom from Felicity Smoak:

Source: Twitter
#25. Kung Fu kid regrets it now.

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