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Indonesian Fishing Competition Participant Gets A Shocking Catch: A Dead Man’s Body

All the while, he thought he caught a big fish!


A supposedly exciting and fun-filled fishing competition in Indonesia turned into a horrific event when one of the participants made one shocking catch. While he thought that he caught a big fish, the angler had the shock of his life upon discovering that a corpse was at the other end of his fishing rod.

The fishereman, identified only as Safari, was one of the hundreds of participants at the recent fishing competition on the Citarum River in Bandung, Indonesia. Realizing that his fishing rod has hooked on something, he thought that he caught a big fish because of the weight of his supposed catch at the other end of the rod. After wrestling with the “big fish” for almost two minutes, Safari had the shock of his life as a human hand emerged out of the surface.

Citarum River in Bandung, Indonesia is considered to be one of the world’s most polluted rivers.

Soon after, police officers arrived at the venue of the event and brought the dead body to the river bank. The victim, who is believed to be between 20 and 30 years old, had curly hair, and was wearing blue jogging bottoms and a white t-shirt. His identity still remains a mystery to authorities so they appealed to residents for more information.

“The corpse was first discovered by one of the participants in the fishing contest while waiting for his fishing bait to be eaten,” said Bandung Police Chief Senior Commissioner Indra Hermawan.

Authorities believe it is very likely that the victim had only recently fallen into the river.

Source: Reuters.

Meanwhile, there are also those who suspected that he could have been a victim of foul play – a theory that has been debunked by authorities.

As Hermawan said:

“The victim has been taken to Sartika Asih Hospital for an autopsy. From the preliminary investigation, what is certain is that there is no trace of violence in the victim’s body.”

Watch the video here:

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Who is the victim and how did he fall to the bottom of the river?

Source: Viral Press

Was there really no foul play? Can the authorities still identify him?

The public can only wonder for now.


Patient Plays Guitar While Doctors Perform Surgery On His Brain

Yes, he was fully awake during the operation.

A musician from Bangladesh found himself on the operating table after he was diagnosed to suffer from a condition called musician’s cramp, which required a portion of his brain to be operated. However, unlike other major operations, the patient was not only wide awake during the procedure but was strumming his guitar, too.

31-year old patient Taskin Ibna was diagnosed with a rare condition called hand dystonia (otherwise known as musician’s cramp). According to the professional guitar player and computer engineer, it was in 2013 when he first experienced discomfort in his left middle finger while playing the instrument. Eventually, the same sensation controlled his whole hand.

Taskin Ibna was diagnosed with hand dystonia, also known as musician’s cramp, which caused him to experience a weird sensation in his left hand.

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Disgusting As It May Sound, Scientists Think Cockroach Milk Is The Next Superfood

Its taste is no different from cow’s milk, though.

While there is no denying that cows are the popular source of milk, this may no longer be the case in the future. After all, scientists have found a way to extract milk from a much cheaper source: Cockroach, which is said to produce milk that tastes no different from what cows produce.

With more than 750 millions tonnes of cow’s milk produced and consumed year after year, beyond the shadow of doubt, cows are still the biggest and most popular source of dairy products. However, it is also worth noting that other alternatives to cow’s milk, such as soy milk, are also gaining popularity.

Unlike other species of cockroaches, Diploptera Punctata, otherwise known as Pacific beetle cockroach, gives birth to its young and feeds them with the milk it produces.

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Shady Factories Use Carbon Monoxide to Make Fish in Sushi Look Fresh

Moreover, some fish suppliers also don’t bother to check if there are parasitic worms in the fish used in sushi.

Japanese cuisine has always found fame outside of Japan. Case in point, sushi happens to be one of the most well-known items on its menu. Trendy restaurants all over the world offer it in various flavor combinations.

There is a huge demand for sushi. On top of that, ready-made sushi packed in plastic trays have made their way to groceries and supermarkets all over the world. Thus, there is also a huge demand for its main ingredient, which is fish. Tuna, in particular is a sought after component of the delicacy.

A typical sushi tray sold in stores.

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