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Woman Left Successful Career in NY to Build Jaw-Dropping Bamboo Houses in Bali




  • A woman decided to make some amazing changes to the forests of Indonesia.
  • She left her job in New York and headed for Bali to begin building some gorgeous bamboo houses.
  • Each house is unique and truly connected with nature.

Having a successful career in one of the most powerful cities in the world is undoubtedly something most people dream about. However, one woman decided to turn her back on all that. She left New York and headed for Bali for a truly amazing goal: to build sustainable bamboo houses in the forests of Indonesia.

Elora Hardy was well on her way to becoming the next big thing in the New York fashion scene. However, the brilliant young woman had a better plan for the future. She returned to her home in Bali and worked with her father John Hardy on creating bamboo houses that are both sturdy and beautiful.

IBUKU is the company that includes Elora, John, and a hardworking team of creative people who worked together to build sustainable bamboo houses. Amazingly, each house is built close to nature without destroying its surroundings.

“We don’t use right angles in the homes we build. We take our cues from nature and traditional indigenous buildings. The floors in our homes are often slightly ridged— they’re amazing. You wake up and you just feel happy,” John said of their creations.

Elora also offered some insight into how a person should feel when they live in one of these gorgeous houses. She said:

“The experience that people have in a building is much more important than what it looks like. The most powerful thing for people to get from the spaces we build is a feeling of optimism, that there’s hope and possibility and magic in the world.”

You can learn more about IBUKU and its bamboo houses below:

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