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4 Surefire Ways to Stop You From Procrastinating at Home

Feeling lazy while working at home? Here are some easy to-do tips to shake you into getting the work done!


Being a freelancer has its perks. You no longer need to get up early nor go through traffic to get to the office. Most of all, you get to work in the comfort of your own home. Sweet deal, right? Thing is, working from home can also be a problem because you will feel enticed put things off for later.

You’re prone to procrastinating more because you’re tempted to watch TV, play video games or eat whatever’s in the fridge. However, finishing your tasks without feeling like you don’t have enough ‘me’ time at all is possible.

Here are four tips to heed:

1. Create a Home Office

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Turn a portion of your home into an office. This way, you limit yourself from being tempted to keep taking a break to do other stuff you would normally do at home. If you don’t have a spare room, any space with good lighting would do. Bring the work essentials, a bottle of water, and a few snacks so you don’t have to keep going to the kitchen for food.

2. Use Productivity Apps or Software

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Most freelance gigs now involve being online. And because of this, you get sucked into surfing the net, watching videos on Youtube, stalking your friends on Facebook and Instagram until you realize you haven’t done anything at all for the day. Phone apps such as Toggl and Tick are great in monitoring your work schedule.

3. Prioritize

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Set personal deadlines for the projects you need to finish. This way, you are able to send your work ahead of schedule and have more time for yourself in the process. Jotting it all down on paper helps. Having a visual gives you more reason to get the work done ASAP.

4. Eyes on the Prize

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People tend to procrastinate when they don’t have enough motivation. But if you write down how much you will earn from the work you do, you just might be surprised at just how focused you can actually be when you give it a try. Come up with projects board and include your possible earnings from each so you see how you’re doing. Place it in front of your table so you get to see it anytime you feel like procrastinating.

It’s all up to you really. You’re in charge of your life and if you want to be successful, you’ll need to start somewhere.


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