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Bored People are Building Awesome Cardboard Tanks for Their Cats During Quarantine





There is little doubt that people are bored after being stuck in quarantine for so long. However, a little boredom can actually lead to amazing creativity. Case in point, cat owners have found a cool way to entertain themselves while also doing something nice for their furry friends.

Have you been looking for something to do while being stuck in quarantine? These people came up with an amazing way to recycle old boxes for their cats. Check out these cool cardboard tanks that were created by bored pet owners.

#1. Ready For Action

This one is so realistic that even the other cat looks impressed. Needless to say, this project took a lot of time and effort.

#2. “What do you mean, ‘it doesn’t fire real ammo?'”

Sorry, kitty, you’ll have to use your imagination for this one.

#3. Kitty Tank: 6; Mice: 0

No rodent stands a chance against this adorable tank master.

#4. The More, The Merrier

This awesome creation can carry more than just one brave kitty.

#5. Got some extra paint? Give your tank a camo makeover!

The only thing this cardboard tank lacks is real ammo for rodents.

#6. The War Meowchine

The cat owner admitted that they “reached the ‘built a tank for the cat’ stage of quarantine” and that’s perfectly fine. This one looks fantastic!

#7. The Shy Tank Kitty

This adorable kitten might be a little shy but she’s clearly loving her new ride.

#8. She’s Ready

The owner says their cat seems to like her new cardboard tank and honestly, who wouldn’t? It’s amazing.

#9. The Silver Tank

Got some extra duct tape? Cover the cardboard tank in tape for a shiny look.

#10. Ollie’s Army

If you only have one box and not a lot of tape, you can still create something awesome for your cat. This one makes up for the lack of materials with some hilarious graffiti.

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