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Russian Instagram Hottie Shares Foolproof Way of Checking If Boobs are Real or Fake

Its all about what happens when the lights are turned off!

Mark Andrew





Looks, as they say, can be deceiving. These days, the same thing can be said about, well, female breasts. Not everything you see is real and it can really be difficult to tell which ones are fake and which are not.

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One Russian hottie is saying that it is actually easy to spot the difference – and it all boils down to what happens when the lights are turned off.

Svetlana Bilyalova, who has millions of followers on Instagram, recently shared a foolproof technique that will help you determine boob authenticity.

Source: Instagram
“Today I will demonstrate to you my new, revolutionary scientific discovery,” Svetlana said in a short video.

Source: Instagram

“It will help you find out, are the t*** fake of not?”

The fitness model then grabbed two iPhones and, with the help of two friends, demonstrated the experiment.

Source: Instagram

According to Svetlana, fake boobs will glow red when lights are turned out and smartphone torches are pressed close to the boobs. If the boobs are natural, on the other hand, then they will not glow at all.

“They are so beautiful. The silicon shines bright red,” Svetlana also commented.

You can watch the video here:

Of course, any phone can be used for this clever experiment as long as they have the flashlight feature.

Source: Instagram

Kudos to Svetlana for an interesting solution to this dilemma.

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Mao Zedong’s Sparrow Campaign Caused One of the Worst Environmental Disasters in History

Mao made waves across the world when he established the People’s Republic of China, but did you know that he also caused a huge environmental disaster?

Mich Escultura



Under Mao Zedong's leadership, China underwent a series of changes to improve and modernize life for its citizens. One of these campaigns had to do with eradicating sparrows because they were eating too much grain. This was called the Four Pests Campaign (or Kill a Sparrow Campaign), which was part of the Great Leap Forward, undertaken between 1958 and 1962. The four pests in the campaign were rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows.

Citizens were given the order to do whatever they could to eradicate the birds. This included beating drums to scare them off from landing, which forced them to fly until they died of exhaustion. People also shot down sparrows and tore down their nests. It also gave people something to do with all their free time. Their goal was to push the birds close to extinction in China.

Sparrows were said to eat too much grain, so the Chinese government wanted them eliminated.

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6 Strange Historical Objects that Remain Unsolved up to Now

History and strange artifacts never really did mix well. Mysteries are often left unsolved for several millennia.

Kat Lozada



The thing with history is that it spans thousands of years and people from our time will never really know the exact things that have happened in the past. Historians can only piece together a story based on the data and facts gathered. Artifacts excavated by archaeologists can only confuse us all the more because of questions brought up.

In fact, there have been so many diggings which have made these researches much more interesting and fun. Several historical objects have been unearthed that historians have yet to explain what these were even made for:

1. Giant stone spheres of Costa Rica

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The Mystery of South Australia’s 14,000-Foot Tall Marree Man

Who created this several miles long artwork in the middle of the desert?

Dondi Tiples



Back in 1998, a local pilot flying over South Australia’s isolated desert region got the surprise of his life when he looked down and spied a gigantic Aboriginal man holding a throwing stick, apparently out hunting.

The giant just happened to be a geoglyph – a large design created on the desert floor. It measured 4.2 kilometers tall and 28 kilometers at its perimeter, making it the largest single geoglyph in the world.

Just how large is it? It can be seen from the air above 3,000 feet!

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