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New Hotel in Spain Has Strict ‘No Men Allowed’ Policy




  • Spain’s new Som Dona Hotel has opened its doors to customers but there’s a catch – they only accept women.
  • So far, the unique ‘no men allowed’ policy has received mixed reactions from the public.

A new hotel in Majorca, Spain has recently opened – and it has sparked quite a controversy. Apparently, the said hotel is exclusive for women and now netizens have mixed reactions about it, with some people calling it as ‘a feminist gimmick.’

Located in the town of Porto Cristo, the Som Dona Hotel is a 39-room attraction that caters only to female customers ages 14 and above. So yes, the hotel does implement a strict ‘no men allowed’ policy.

The women-only hotel promises clients with “comfort, relaxation, art, healthy living, and Mediterranean flavor,” according to the official website.
According to Som Dona, they are aiming to offer “a new space for women who are looking to disconnect from the stress of daily life”.

In addition to the elegant rooms, Som Dona also boasts several attractions such as a massive pool, a wellness center, a rooftop terrace, a library, a bar and a restaurant. They likewise offer free Wi-Fi for their customers.

Som Dona emphasizes that their services and facilities are specifically designed “for a feminine audience.”

While some have received the hotel warmly, with some reviewers labeling it as “a real gem,” others have also taken time to criticize it on social media saying it would surely cause outrage from feminists if it was a men-only hotel.

It is, of course, worth-noting that while the hotel mostly employs women as staff members, they also have a few men around in order to avoid violation of the country’s laws on gender discrimination. So the place is not entirely 100% women as some may expect.

You can check out the hotel’s official website here for additional information.

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