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Homeless People Get a Spa and Makeover Surprise





Makeovers have become overrated. There are many TV shows that feature people who get a makeover and their lives and outlook change after they look totally different. There is something about makeovers that seem to be a life changer. So, can a makeover really change one’s life?

A crowd of destitute citizens turned up in Glendale, California’s Ascencia Homeless Shelter for a free meal. However, they ended up receiving a makeover surprise with a day at the spa sponsored by Prank It FWD (Prank it Forward).

The homeless people got a whole treatment of shaves, massages, haircuts, manicures and even fresh clothes. According to one of the young hair stylists, he was cheerful to give back because some years ago, he was in the exact same situation.

It was indeed a day that most of the spa customers were thankful for. A veteran was amazed by the care, affection and attention that was given to them. According to workers at the shelter, these homeless individuals not only need shelter and food but also attention and respect to remind them that they are important.

Watch the touching day at the spa here:

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I guess they got something more than just a makeover. More than just looking and feeling good, what was just a makeover also brought hope for the hopeless, and brought back their faith in humanity.

If you get anything from this video, please remember to treat your fellow men with kindness and dignity.

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