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Homeless Man Thought He Lost Everything. Until He Discovered Something Totally Unexpected!





Life’s biggest and sweetest surprises often happen in the most unexpected places and circumstances. Even when we think that there is no hope, life has a way of turning things around for the better. We may have to wait for so long, but as they say, “If it is worth having, then it is worth waiting for.”

Meet John Helinski, a man who had been living in the streets of Tampa, Florida for three years. One day, someone robbed him and everything he owned, even his identification cards ,vanished— at least that was what everyone thought. After living in a self-made cardboard box house, he found his way through a community housing facility.  That’s where he met a case worker and a police officer, who he didn’t know were his angels. The two men helped John obtain an identification card and a social security card. On top of that, they paved the way for John to discover a surprising truth.

Watch the video to find out what it is:

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Credits: ABC Action News via SF Globe

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