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Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up What Marriage is All About





Most of us daydream of what our married life will be like. Perhaps we imagine romantic and intimate nights under the covers, or maybe sweet mornings making each other breakfast. We imagine spending the rest of our days with our spouse in marriage bliss ’til death do us part. While all this sound so sweet and ideal, what can married couples really say about marriage?

Below are some very insightful and funny tweets about what to expect in marriage:

1. Seriously it’s Tacos!! Who can say no to Tacos?

2. Tsk, tsk it is the same husband asking for tacos… 😛

3. Yeah nowhere in the marriage contract can we see that we have to share KitKat with our spouses!

4. Ahhh the battle of what to have for dinner, such tricky tactics!

5. Yes, it’s affirmative. Women like this tactic.

6. When you try to recall your wedding vows…

7. When the kids are being delightfully annoying…

8. The same logic applies to pets…

The same logic applies to pets

9. And don’t forget those innocent competitions for affection!

10. A dog in a tux is irresistibly charming, totally fine by me!

11. Art of Seduction indeed

12. Who needs lingerie? A shirt without food stains can equally do the trick!

13. Flipping coins pretty much decide some matters regarding sexy time

14. Literal food pr0n, anyone?

15. Arguments about toilet papers.

16. It kinda takes up a significant portion of the marriage.

17. So sexy 😛
18. You’ll love each other through thick and thin, through farts and burps and all that shit.

19. Yeah do you have to do that, when we can do each other instead? 😉

20. And you thought it’s gonna be some sexy time finally eh!

21. I bet the wife even congratulated him for the record!

22. After all, when all the physical attraction is gone, all we are left with are conversations 🙂

23. This marriage and coffee analogy is so much win!

24. And a guide to marriage from year 1 to year 10 😉

There you have it singletons, marriage can be funny and annoying. But going through all that is worth it, as long as we are with the love of our life. And for the married couples there, are any of these tweets relatable and true? Leave a comment below!

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