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5 High-Calorie Food That Can Actually Promote Weight Loss





Dieting has always been about counting calories. Although people are now more open-minded about trying out different diets to control their weight, most are still trying to avoid high-calorie food. However, it looks like calories might actually help you lose weight faster.

There is good reason why some food have a high caloric content. These food are usually filled with nutrients and could keep you satisfied for a longer period. Nevertheless, it is still important to remember moderation is key when it comes to shedding pounds. Here are five food that are high in calories but can still promote weight loss.

Put avocados on just about anything

There is good reason why avocados are so popular these days. In addition to being low in sugar, the fruit can also be added into just about any meal as a source of protein. Avocados are high in calories and contain monounsaturated fat that can combat bad cholesterol. In addition to that, they can help in the fight against heart disease.

Go for full-fat milk

Full-fat dairy has actually been credited for lowering obesity rates as opposed to low-fat milk. If you are hoping to lose weight and still want dairy in your diet, opt for full-fat milk and watch the extra pounds slip away.

Egg yolks are actually good for you and your waist

Yolks have a bad reputation for being high in fat and are usually shunned from diets.

However, the high calorie content of yolks can actually keep you full for a long time. This way, you can avoid snacking on sugar-filled sweets and trim your waistline.

You must be nuts to avoid almonds

A handful of almonds are the perfect snack that is satisfying and yummy at the same time. In addition to being a high-calorie food, almonds contain protein and fiber. This makes them an ideal diet staple for people who want to lose weight.

Enjoy some butter but in moderation

Adding some butter to your coffee is not only good for keeping you awake. Butter can keep you satisfied and has antioxidants as well. Try it now and start losing weight faster.

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