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Bus Driver Notices Strange Passenger and Crying Child, Then He Sees The Terrifying Truth!





Kidnapping has become a rampant crime nowadays. Reports of children being abducted seem to be a normal feature in the news, and it surely pains parents to hear such stories. We cannot fight off criminals easily once they’ve done the deed, but we can surely prevent these things from happening. When faced with such situations, it is very important to stay alert and focused on what can be done, and this is exactly what a bus driver did in the story below.

Tim Watson is a bus driver working for the Valley Transportation Authority in northern California. While he was on the job, he saw a news alert from authorities announcing that a kidnapper is on the loose and that he is with his 3-year-old victim at that time. The victim’s clothing were described quite vividly in the news alert that Watson immediately noticed a passenger who looks like the one being described. He also noticed that the boy was teary-eyed and so he discretely informed the police, making sure that the kidnapper does not notice attempt of rescue. When the bus reached Fremont BART station, police authorities were present and that’s when the rescue operation was performed. The suspect identified as Alfonso David Eddington, 23, was arrested.

Watch the video here:

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The bus driver is a clever hero indeed! Let this news be a reminder for all parents and guardians to always safeguard kids and keep an eye on them.

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Credits: MenSon456 via Daily Megabyte

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