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Man Who Drove School Bus for 55 Years To Be Buried in Custom Bus Casket




  • Beloved bus driver Glen Davis was able to see the casket while he was still alive and loved it so much.
  • It was a gift from the local funeral owner.
  • He retired in 2005 and was able to drive the grandchildren of the students he once drove.

Glen Davis is one of the most dedicated school bus drivers around. With a spotless driving record, he drove the children of Grand Meadow, Minnesota for 55 years. He served this job from 1949 to 2005 in his small hometown of 1170 people.

So it was only fitting that when Davis was laid to rest, he was placed in nothing less than a casket custom-made to show his dedication to his job. It was a yellow school-bus casket stamped with the number 3, which was the number of the first bus he drove.

Actually, Davis laid eyes on the casket five years before his death. It was given to him as a gift by Jim Hindt, the owner of a funeral home in Grand Meadow.
Davis loved the casket, which was painted bright yellow with black hinges, so much that he “cried a few times,” as he told Post Bulletin in 2015.

Davis first drove a school bus in 1949, the year of his high school graduation. He retired in 2005 and was able to drive the grandchildren of the students he once drove.

For Hindt, the casket was a token in return for Davis’ kindness to Hidnt’s family when the funeral owner’s 18-month-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, the daughter grew up and survived the disease.

Lisa Hodge, Davis’ daughter, first found the gift morbid, but it eventually won her over when she saw her father’s joy upon receiving it. Davis even posed with the casket.

“He just enjoyed the kids and driving the bus so much,” said Hodge.

Aside from being a school bus driver, Davis, affectionately called “Glennie” by the children, was also known as Grand Meadow’s biggest advocate. He farmed land with his three brothers and cheered for the local sports team. He also volunteered with Meals on Wheels, which delivered food to people who couldn’t get out of their homes.

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