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Here’s How To Successfully Pick Up Women at the Gym Without Being Creepy





You’ve been ogling at this hot girl at the gym while you try to lift those weights and she has no trouble doing her squats. You’ve been mustering the nerve to get her number for weeks now but you just don’t want to appear like a jerk or the stalker that you are. So just how do you pick up a gym girl? Here’s a rundown of the dos and dont’s from the women themselves:

#1. DO the groundwork


This does not include stalking or staring at her in her tight spandex gym wear while she works on her planks. Go slow, send feelers her way from time to time. Smile at her while you’re both doing free weights. In no time, you’ll be flirting with each other and find yourselves exchanging digits. Just please don’t go all caveman on the girl you like.

#2. DON'T get in the way of her workout

DON'T get in the way of her workout

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Simply put, do not disturb her when she’s in the middle of her workout. You’re both at the gym for a reason and that’s to burn the extra carbs and get fit. Trying to strike a conversation with her while she’s on a treadmill with her earplugs on and concentrating on keeping her balance is a big turn-off. Instead, say hi while she’s getting a cup of water or place your yoga mat beside her during a class.

#3. DO dish out compliments


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About her workout routine or how hard she works out but never how great you think her booty is. She will definitely appreciate the fact that you took time to notice her routine more than how hot she looked like while sweating it out. You’re sure to get her talking to you frequently from then on.

#4. DON'T correct her

DON'T correct her

No one likes a showoff. So the next time you get the urge to correct her form or tell her that she should have stretched first before doing her sit-ups, just stop. Unless you happen to be her personal trainer, then maybe it would be wise to do so.

#5. DO ask her for pointers

Getting her to help you out with your yoga moves is better than telling her that her squat form is totally off point. When you make her look like an expert, you increase her confidence level and get to strike up a conversation with her and probably chalk up a date in the process, too.

#6. DON'T touch her


It doesn’t take much saying, just don’t be a sleazeball. Keep your hands to yourself even if you’re itching to check out if her glutes are for real. Just do not touch her in the gym lest you want to be accused of being a jerk.

#7. DO less

DO less

A simple ‘hi’ would do instead of the ‘Hi! I think you look hot in those tights.” That’s easy to understand, right?

#8. DON'T grunt

DON'T grunt

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No one likes a grunter. If you want a date with that cute girl at the gym, don’t grunt.

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