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5 Accurate Illustrations Showing the Different Stages People Encounter In Every Single Job

And most people hate it.


Remember when you first saw that job vacancy, and your heart fluttered? With high hopes, you didn’t mind the rigorous application process. Whatever it takes, you say. The next thing you know, it was your first day of work. Quickly, days turned into months and eventually, you start to realize that your ideals were far from reality.

Some are blessed to find the lifelong job that will make them happy and fulfilled. While others aren’t just as lucky, at least not yet. Those who are still searching and trying can surely relate to the cycle of falling in love with a job, falling out, letting go and moving on to the next, only to undergo the same cycle all over again. Here are 5 stages employees encounter in every single job (which we all hate, by the way):

#1. You find your passion and get a related job

This is the phase when you know exactly what your passion is. You know what will fuel you to keep working, to keep going despite all the challenges that may come your way. You see the direction that you want to take, and you go ahead and take a job in that field. Right on!

#2. You start positive and excited

In this phase, you are so optimistic as if nothing can burst your bubble. You are full of excitement, wanting to jump at every opportunity to achieve the goals you care about.

#3. You unmask reality

In any workplace, there are challenges. The actual situations within your workplace shatter your ideals at the onset. Uncovering the downsides, you realize that achieving your goals takes more than passion and hard work.

#4. You keep going (until you quit)

At this point, you begin pushing yourself to your limits. You find inner motivation to work beyond your call of duty for as long as you can fulfill your passion and your goals. You try to be steadfast until it becomes unbearable no more. Then you hand your resignation letter.

#5 You rekindle your passion and get a new job

This is when you convince yourself that things are going to be better the next time around. You put yourself together and renew your mindset about fulfilling your passion. You remind yourself about the limitless opportunities out there. You take the risk and try again.

Whatever our jobs may be, one thing is for sure – it’s not ‘just’ a job. We spend a big fraction of our adult life working; there is so much on the line! That is why it is important that we only invest our time and effort on what’s worthwhile. Sometimes, we just have to keep on looking. And those times that it didn’t work out, you can still emerge a winner by carrying on the valuable lessons as you move forward. After all, your success is in your hands. Your dreams, your passion – no employer can take that away from you.


30 Witty Illustrations That Give Clarity to Same-Sounding Words That Are Often Confusing

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Words, without context, can often mislead us. What more in the case of homophones, words pronounced alike but very much different in meaning, origin and spelling.

Bruce Worden, a Science Illustrator, Comic Book Creator and self-confessed grammar nerd, embarked on a visual exploration of words that sound so much alike, people often get them wrong. Five years in the making, his blog-turned-book “Homophones, Weakly” is a collection of 300 sets of homophones. And now that is has been released for public consumption, people are thanking him for it. Who wouldn’t?

#1 Stand bare or run after the clothes-stealing bear.

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Let's admit it; nobody wants to be corrected by anyone. Whether the one who gave the correction means well or not, it still is not widely accepted to correct other people. However, some people are like walking signboards that say "correct me" wherever they go.

It gets hard not to say a word when the error gets repeated a lot. A great example of this is the most commonly mispronounced words that are screaming banners on people to dare their friends to correct them. Others are words that you think are the same but actually aren't, like these:

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New DNA Technology Predicts A Crime Suspect’s Skin, Eye, And Hair Colors, Shape Of Face

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A new DNA technology has been developed and it is expected to make the job easier for crime investigators. After all, with just a DNA specimen, the technology can display important information about a culprit such as eye color, skin color, hair color, and even the shape of the face.

The new DNA technology was developed by Parabon NanoLabs and has already helped police departments in almost 40 states. With it capable of displaying vital information that can lead to solving crimes or finding suspects, there is no denying that this new DNA technology is definitely revolutionary.

Parabon NanoLabs has developed a new DNA technology that can make life easier for crime investigators.

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