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Hardworking Truck Driver Never Had A Sick Day In 50 Years Of Working For The Same Company. WOW!

For 50 years, he hasn’t had a single sick day.

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When we talk about work, it’s quite easy for some people to complain about how little salary they get, how annoying their boss and colleagues are or how tiring it is to work. While others don’t give their job any value or credit, there are still those grateful enough to work and provide for their families, doing what they love and staying loyal to the company they are in just like the hardworking Ron Kline.

Ron stayed in the same company  for 50 long years and has not had a single sick day. Despite the repetitive routine, he has remained faithful to both his work and the company he works for.

Ron Kline was hired in January 1965 as a clean-up person at the company’s manufacturing facility. For 18 years he inspected sanitary products after they came out of the kiln. It was about 32 years ago when he started driving the truck and has been doing it since.

Ron Kline is probably America’s hardest worker.


Photo credit: ContractorMag

The devoted husband to Lois–his wife of fifty years now, drives his truck and  starts his delivery runs for Mansfield Plumbing in Ohio which he has been doing almost everyday. The father of 11 and a grandfather to 38 is as dedicated as he has always been, not even considering a retirement even after celebrating a milestone in his career just this January.

“I enjoy the people and what I do, so why should I consider retiring” he told Contractor Magazine. “This company has been a great place to have a career and it’s been good to my entire family.”

Members of his family are also working for Mansfield which include his son Jeff , daughter Julie along with his brother Elmer. His two other brothers Richard and Jerry recently retired from the company. Altogether, the family has about 220 years of service at Mansfield which explains why Ron is enjoying his job and why working in the company has become a huge part of his life.

Impressed by how dedicated and disciplined worker Ron is, his boss Jim Morando, president of Mansfield Plumbing said, ‘We wish we could clone Ron.’

We couldn’t help but agree. We should really have more people like Ron. Hats off to this amazing man. May you continue to inspire people and may you have more healthy and happy years at work.

H/T: Daily Mail

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