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Dad with No Legs Lifts Heavy Sacks Just to Earn Money for His Children

This exemplary man doesn’t let his disability get in the way of his quest to earn enough money for his kids!

Parents who love their kids are willing to move heaven and earth to ensure that their kids get everything they need in life – food, shelter, a proper education. Many parents sacrifice their time, their money, and well-earned rest just to give their children a happy and fulfilled life. This is one thing that all wonderful parents, whether rich or poor, have in common.

And then we have extraordinary examples of parents who give the word sacrifice a whole new meaning, like this father of 4 from the Philippines. On the Facebook page, Music for Jesus, this dedicated dad was featured because of how hard he works in order to feed his children. And he does this even if he doesn’t have legs!


This exemplary man is willing to lift heavy sacks on his shoulders, even if he only uses crutches to support himself. This is truly a remarkable image of fatherhood – doing whatever it takes to support the family, even if you barely have enough strength or means to support yourself.

Unfortunately, the name and location of this extraordinary parent wasn’t mentioned in the Facebook post. What we can hope for, however, is for people to realize that being a parent isn’t an easy job. We may not realize just how much our parents had to give up and what they had to do just to give us the life we have now. So give your parents a call, pay them a visit, and show them how much you appreciate all the little things they have done for you.

Even if we don’t know who this man is or where he came from or how we can help him with his lot in life, the least we can do is to revere him as an example of a truly hardworking and dedicated dad.

Kudos to you, sir!


Get Olympic Inspiration From Filipino Divers’ Epic Fail In 2015 Southeast Asian Games

The athletes participating in the 2016 Rio Olympics can learn something from the failed performance of two Filipino divers in the 2015 Southeast Asian Games in Singapore.

While news from the 2016 Rio Olympics often highlight the winners, let's not forget that there are losers as well. Then again, they always say that sports isn't about winning — it's about how you play the game. It's also about your ability to keep going even after you suffer defeat. This may explain why the failed dives of two Filipino athletes at the 2015 Southeast Asian Games or SEA Games in Singapore are once again being discussed.

On June 10, 2015, two Filipino divers — John Elmerson Fabriga and John David Pahoyo — participated in the men's three-meter springboard event of the SEA Games. At that time, Fabriga was 21 and Pahoyo was 17.

Fabriga (left) and Pahoyo (right) failed in their dives.

Fabriga (left) and Pahoyo (right) failed in their dives.

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Awesome Cops Go The Extra Mile After Learning About A Little Girl’s Stolen Bike

Kudos to these officers for pooling their own money to buy her a new bike!

It is an unfortunate fact that cops usually have a bad public reputation. We’ve all heard stories about officers who are, simply put, abusive because of their authority. They seem to think they’re far more superior than other citizens simply because they have a badge and a uniform.

Then again, it’s nice to get reminded that there are still a lot of good ones out there, too.

Case in point, these kindhearted police officers from Alton, Illinois recently received a lot of online love after going beyond their call of duty by helping out a young girl who paid them a visit to report that her bike has just been stolen.

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Mom Goes On Epic Adventure With 6-Year-Old Daughter Who Will Go Blind Soon

What a heartbreaking story. Kudos to you, mom!

If you were a parent, how would you feel if you find out that your child will soon go blind? I assume it would be a pretty heartbreaking moment.

This was exactly the unfortunate situation that Catrina Frost, a mother from Phoenix, found herself in. Cailee Herrell, her 6-year-old daughter, was diagnosed with Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy (FEVR) which means that the poor girl is suffering from a disorder that causes progressive vision loss.

Cailee Herrell, 6 years old, was diagnosed with Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy (FEVR) which causes progressive vision loss.

catrina frost cailee herrell sightseeing tour 1

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