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Guy Disgustingly Spits At Female Cop 24 Times While Inside Ambulance




  • A female cop has been the victim of an “abhorrent assault” after man spat at him 24 times while they were at the back of an ambulance.
  • The bodycam footage was shared online by Suffolk Police and an official labeled it as “the most vile thing.”

This is the disgusting moment a man has been filmed spitting at a police officer while inside the ambulance. In a bodycam video shared by the Suffolk Police, we see the man as he repeatedly spat at a female cop who was accompanying him in the vehicle.

The officer from Derbyshire told him to stop but despite her pleas, he kept doing it again and again. Plus he had the gall to laugh out loud. Everything was witnessed by a paramedic who was with them at the time.

She was just doing her job…

On Twitter, the Suffolk Police Department called the act an “abhorrent assault.”

“The most vile thing you can do to anybody.”

Derbyshire Police Federation chairman Tony Wetton said about the incident:

“This is a case where there is a young female officer in the first year on the job in the back of an ambulance where she has arrested a young bloke. He was in handcuffs in an ambulance and they were taking him to hospital.

“The body cam footage has caught it – he has spat at her 24 times, including repeatedly at her face in the course of their journey.

“It really struck a cord with police officers in this county and also across the UK. To me, spitting is the most vile thing you can do to anybody, including police officers.”

“As a police officer I would rather be punched in the face or kicked than spat at,” added Wetton. “It’s terrible behavior. The officer would have had to have been tested for a host of different things.

Watch the video here:

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