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Two Jerks Think They’re Better Than the Waiter, They End Up Paying $3K Bill




  • Two men decided to show off at a company dinner, ordering the most expensive liquor available at a fancy restaurant.
  • When the waiter tried to dissuade them, they told him off and insisted that they should be served because it was “their party.”
  • Amazingly, their boss learned about what they have done and made them pay for the entire bill that came up to $3,000!

Sometimes showing off can get you in a lot of trouble. That’s exactly what two arrogant men found out when they forced a waiter to change their boss’ order at a fancy restaurant. Amazingly, their boss learned about their sneaky moves and made them pay for the bill that cost $3,000!

The story was shared on the internet by an anonymous waiter who had to deal with the conceited men that were attending a company dinner at a fancy restaurant. The waiter revealed that although the boss had already chosen the food and drinks for the party, the two men insisted on ordering some expensive liquor. In addition to that, they complained about the food that was served and was rude to the waitstaff. Not surprisingly, karma would soon come for the jerks.

This should serve as a reminder that you should always be nice to your waiter.

Although the name of the restaurant was not revealed, it has been confirmed that the incident took place in Texas.

Get ready for this amazing tale of karma below:

The waiter has since revealed that there was a good reason why the boss wanted to teach the men an important lesson. He believes that the two jerks were the sons of the boss and that this may have been a family business. Luckily, he didn’t let his sons get away with their despicable attitude towards the waitstaff.

Some people are likely to be rude to the people who serve their food for several reasons. However, it is important to remember that the waiters and cooks are working for a living. It is best to treat every person with respect even if you believe that their jobs are not as great as yours. Hopefully, the two men in the story were able to learn their lesson well.

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