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Guy Baits His Girlfriend To See If She’ll Cheat With Her Yoga Instructor





On YouTube, the channel To Catch a Cheater is known for working with viewers who ask for their help in testing their partner’s faithfulness. They put together a team and hatch a plan to see if their target will take the bait, so to speak.

In one particular test, a guy, who’s supposedly set on breaking up with his girlfriend anyway, works with the To Catch a Cheater team just to see if she’ll remain faithful in face of temptation. The plan is for a pretend trainer to approach and flirt with her at the gym.

The accomplice approaches the girl to introduce himself as a personal trainer and offers to give a few pointers, with which the girl quickly agrees.

The accomplice wastes no time getting handsy, and the girl doesn’t seem to mind.

The boyfriend watches, and his facial expressions say he’s not too happy with the way things are going.

The accomplice invites the girl to the nearby yoga room, so he can show her ‘a few workouts.’

The host, who’s with the boyfriend the whole time, says the girl technically passed the test because she admitted she had a boyfriend. The boyfriend, however, appears furious and even screams. According to the host, the guy was planning on breaking up with her anyway, but he wanted her to remain single for a year while he dated other women.

The guy funnily replies:

Yeah, why? Is that selfish? … I didn’t want it to happen so quickly and so easily. I didn’t want to see that.

Yeah, we’re just as confused as the host here.

Watch the video here:

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