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Guy Asks Girl For A Refund After First Date Went Wrong

How would you react if someone did this to you?


First dates are as exciting as they are nerve-wracking. It’s a nice opportunity to meet someone new and see if it somehow leads to more dates with that person in the near future.

Needless to say, you want to make a positive impression during your time together. Otherwise, things could take a wrong turn and then you later realize you’ve blown your chance.

Source: Pexels

Take it from Lauren Crouch, a female blogger from North London, who has had numerous disastrous experiences in the past.

In a Unilad feature, we learn that Lauren jokingly refers to herself as the world’s ‘unluckiest’ dating writer ever.
In one instance, she met up with a guy she met on Tinder and they went to Costa Coffee. How did it go, you ask? Well she says it was “a serious waste of eyeliner.”

You see, after only about 25 minute into the date, the man asked her if she wanted to go with him back to his house. Apparently, he had an upcoming food delivery and so he tried turning things into his favor by inviting her to his place so he could cook for her – with ‘”lots of nice fresh vegetables and good fish.”

Naturally, Lauren felt uncomfortable about the idea since they had just met and so she said no. He eventually decided to leave her and the date was officially over in just 30 minutes.

Because, you know, he has food delivery and he has to be home asap!

Source: Pexels

As if that wasn’t enough, the guy still messaged her then one thing led to another, he’s already asking a refund for the £3.50 coffee he bought her!

Read the cringe-worthy exchange below and see for yourself:

We say that’s a douchebag move! Girls, how would you react if a guy did this to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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