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This Guy Asked The Internet For Photoshop Help. Too Late When He Realized it Was A Mistake!





The internet has become the most valuable technology in our daily lives. If you have problems and questions, you can simply search for it online or you can post it to ask for help from other internet users.

However, the internet is quite a strange world. It’s not always guaranteed to get the best response. This virtual world is basically composed of users with different background, personalities, behaviors, and ideals. Internet users can be too kind, bully, sarcastic – name it, you can find it all in the internet.

That’s what Reddit user Danny Nickerson realized when he made a simple Photoshop request online to help correct his photo. Amusingly, his picture quickly turned into a viral meme when trolls made fun of his photo. Well, at least he got the help that he asked for. It was probably not the kind of help that he wanted, but nonetheless his photo became famous.

He post this photo asking, “Can someone photoshop the sun between my fingers?”

Photo 2

Photo credit: veryseriousstuff

The internet trolled him way too hard.

Photo 3

Photo credit: veryseriousstuff

Photo 4

Photo credit: veryseriousstuff

Photo 5

Photo credit: veryseriousstuff

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