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CEO Slashes Own Salary to Raise a $70,000 Minimum Wage at His Company.

CEO and Founder Dan Price is not just Gravity Payments’ boss, he’s also a hero.

Ann Moises





What makes employees happy? Is it having a nice, conducive work environment? Having honest and kind leaders who act professionally and know how to reward their subordinates fairly? High salary and great benefits? A CEO who really ( I mean really!) cares about the employees and not just the profit they bring in?

This can go on and on and I bet those people in the corporate world are wishing for these. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of a company or institution that truly lives by its mission and vision statements? For those who are a part of such company, I say you’re indeed blessed…like the 120 employees of Gravity Payments.

The CEO and founder of Gravity Payments, Dan Price announced last April 13th that he will cut his annual salary, which amounts to $1 million dollars down to $70,000.


Photo credit: Gravity Payments

Why? Because the generous CEO intends to raise the minimum salary of his employees to that same amount over the next three years, regardless of their job title or designation. Aside from the enormous reduction in his salary, he’s also going to slash 80% from the $2.2 million expected profit of Gravity Payments to compensate his staff. On average, his employees are earning $48,000.

"Is anyone else freaking out right now? I'm kind of freaking out", says Price.


Photo credit: Matthew Williams

“As much as I’m a capitalist, there is nothing in the market that is making me do it,” Price said.

Price, who started this Seattle-based credit card processing company in 2004 at the age of 19, said that this bold decision came after reading an article about happiness. According to the article, an additional raise in an employee’s wages who earns less than $70,000 can already have a huge, positive impact on his/her life. He was also shaken by the stories shared by his family and friends who earn less than he does.

By sacrificing his and his company's interests, he has shown that he truly cares not just about his clients but more importantly, his staff/ He also proved that that the people at Gravity Payments are true to the company's core values:

” We think the only way to do business is to serve others, do more for them, and charge less.”

If only all CEO’s are like Dan Price…


Photo credit: Gravity Payments

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H/T: Daily Mail, The New York Times, Gravity Payments


Boy in ‘Success Kid’ Meme Now All Grown Up, Asks Help For His Dad’s Kidney Transplant.

The cute toddler used in many memes is all grown up and is asking help for his sick dad.

Inah Garcia



The 'Success Kid' toddler in the meme we have all posted in social media at some point is now all grown up - and he is helping his sick dad get the medical treatment he needs. His name is Sam Griner, the now eight-year old kid whose photo has been used widely for memes.

Sam's father, Justin, was prescribed to undergo kidney transplant after being on dialysis for some time now.

"Six years on dialysis is getting to be a long time," Laney, Sam's mother, said. "It's wearing on him."

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Daughter Wanted To Send A Message To Her Astronaut Dad. So She Did THIS!

How far will you go to express your message to your loved one?

Inah Garcia



When astronauts are sent for a space mission, it is not only them who needs to prepare mentally, their families should, too. Space missions are often long and family members usually come to a point when they miss their astronaut loved ones so badly. It must be hard to have a parent who is an astronaut, and for 13 year-old Stephanie from Houston, Texas, long-distance calls just ain't enough to fill her longing for her dad.

Stephanie wanted to create a visual representation of how much he misses his dad. Her father is fond of taking photographs of the Earth from the International Space Station, and so she thought she could create something that his dad can see and take photographs of from space. Good thing, car company Hyundai willingly helped her execute the plan.

Hyundai sent out 11 sedans that drew Stephanie's message on the vast Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada. With the amazing coordination between the drivers and the helicopter pilots, they were able to successfully write "Steph [heart's] you!" The drawing now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest tire track image, measuring an astounding 5,556,411.86 square meters or 59,808,480.26 square feet.

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Kind Shop Owner Left this Heartwarming Message to the Person Rummaging Through Her Dumpster.

Sandwich shop owner made everyone’s day when she posted THIS message outside her shop.

Jessa Ventures



Being able to witness small, random acts of kindness is a blessing. But knowing that there are still people willing to give a hand regardless of one's status is just too overwhelming, and that despite all the negativity happening in the world today, they are bound to make a difference in the lives of others--rich or poor, black or white, stranger or not.

Living up to this example is the owner of P.B. Jams sandwich shop in Oklahoma City, who just made everyone's day when she posted this message outside her shop.

The message outside P.B. Jams was captured and posted by Instagram user Greg King.

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