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Grandparents Sing “Love Is An Open Door” In The Car – And It’s Surprisingly Awesome





If you are a parent, you know how much of a chore kids can be sometimes. That’s why it’s always a big pleasure whenever grandparents offer a helping hand. As the viral video below shows us, it looks like the kids themselves love it whenever grandpa and grandma spends time with them.

Grandparents Emile and Renee have been married for 26 years and it sure appears like they’re having a lot of fun together.

In the video, you’ll see the couple giving their grandson a car ride when suddenly, they break into an adorable cover of “Love Is An Open Door,” that song from the hit Disney blockbuster “Frozen.”

Unsurprisingly, the precious young boy seems to be enjoying every second of the performance.

Go watch the clip here:

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I just love how this couple sings the track in perfect harmony. They look so cute together and they’re extremely talented. Also, I couldn’t help but be impressed that they’re familiar with the song in the first place. In fact, they know every word of it. Like when did old people start listening to pop music? They’re just so cool and hip!

I’m really blown away by these folks. From now on, Emile and Renne will pop up on my mind whenever I hear the words “relationship goals.”

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