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Family Discovers Secret Cave Behind Waterfall During Grand Canyon Trip





Attributed to Saint Augustine of Hippo, perhaps no other quote about travel is as popular as this one: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Indeed, many would agree that despite all the expenses and hassle that could potentially come along with it, traveling is always worth it, especially if you are with your loved ones.

There’s just always so many exciting places to discover out there in the world. If you think you need some convincing, then perhaps you can take it from this family who went on a trip to the Grand Canyon together.

Arizona’s Grand Canyon is a favorite destination among many tourists.

This popular spot in Arizona in the United States is at 277 miles (446 km) in length and about 18 miles (29 km) in width and so it offers a lot to tourists. Now one family were extremely amazed with what they found as they explored the area.

Much to their surprise, they found a stunning cave hidden behind a waterfall.

Source: YouTube

They made the discovery shortly after accessing the area by rafting down the Colorado River.

As they explored the cave further, they also found a nice waterfall in the place.

Source: YouTube
You can watch the video here and see for yourself:

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While it is safe to say that they were not the first ones to find the cave (rope ladders can be seen in the clip – which have obviously been placed there by past visitors), it still proves the point that, yes, the Grand Canyon is worth visiting over and over.

So if you are ever headed to the Grand Canyon next time around, you should totally check this cave out. Many visitors are missing out on this awesome area but now that you know about it, then you clearly have the advantage here.

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