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Get Ready to Solve The World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube!

Good luck solving this intricate piece of toy!

Ann Moises





Attention all speedcubing champs and puzzle aficionados! A new challenge awaits you! For years, people have created several variations of Erno Rubik’s ingenuous invention. But this 22×22, 3D-printed Rubik’s cube made by Coren Puzzle is yet the largest version ever built of this bestselling toy.

Assembling this highly complex trinket hadn’t been easy, but with patience—a lot of patience, they were finally able to finish it.

The classic cube is composed of six colored sides, 21 pieces, and 54 outer surfaces.

The classic cube is composed of six colored sides, 21 pieces, and 54 outer surfaces.

Source: fukarf
This gizmo, however, has 484 colored tiles on each side and 2,691 functioning parts!

This 22x22, 3D-printed Rubik’s cube made by Coren Puzzle, however, has 484 colored tiles on each side and 2,691 functioning parts!

Source: toyland

Isn’t that insane? That gives you, at least, 4.3×10^1795 possible scrambles to solve this behemoth.

Ever since Erno Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor, and professor of architecture created the puzzle in 1974, millions of kids and adults worldwide have been hooked to the game. Some of them have even shown their fancy moves by turning and twisting it using one hand while others have simultaneously solved two Rubik’s cubes using both hands. The best speedcubers could also complete it in less than six seconds.

How fast then do you think you can solve this intricate puzzle? Let us warn you, though, that it took the team who created this more than three hours to arrange the cubelets into a tidy checkerboard pattern.

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Do you want one for yourself? That’s easy because, except for the colored decals, you can download the plans and the 3D models for free on Thingiverse.

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Filipino Guy Made New Record of Most Candles Extinguished Using… FARTS!

Meet Gerard Jessie, the HUMAN FART EXTINGUISHER!

Mika Castro



Ever since its beginning in the 1950s, the Guinness World of Book Records has been a witness, a historian to some of the most amazing feats of human abilities... and sometimes, it has also been the record to some of the funniest, useless and disgusting human talents too!

There have been Guinness records already of putting out candles using the tongue, but this one is a first, extinguishing candle flames using farts! In this video below, Gerard Jessie from the Philippines attempted for the record of the most numbers of candles extinguished using only the power of his gassy emissions.

Watch this guy's record-breaking farts below!

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This young girl’s musical talent is one of a kind. Don’t miss how she plays the harp!

Kris Evangelista



Harp is a musical instrument that may look intimidating to play at first glance.

While you may find it as an instrument that is extremely challenging to learn and play, it’s not too late to gain knowledge of it since harp is for every age, different personalities and talents.

What is tricky with this musical instrument is on how you make music sound impressive and remarkable. Patience and practice are keys in acquiring the skills and learning it by heart.

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Three-Year-Old Girl Asked Her Aunt To Put Makeup On Her. Big Mistake!

Believe it or not, this girl is only three years old!

Inah Garcia



Little kids want to grow up fast. They think it is cool to be independent and be free to explore the world. Girls, in particular can't wait to get their hands on makeup. They would want to paint their face and glam themselves up.

No matter how we want to explain that they do not need to hurry and that they have to enjoy their childhood days while it last, their young minds cannot decipher the concept fully.

One aunt, however, knows just how to respond to this kind of situation.

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