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Geniuses Sleep Late, Are Messy, and Can Be Potty Mouths, Studies Confirm

Highly intelligent people can be quite eccentric.

The most organized and disciplined individuals are not the only ones who excel. There are geniuses walking among us that do not fit society’s conventional mold of an accomplished and highly intelligent person. In fact, some of the smartest people tend to be quite eccentric.

People with high IQ usually look at things differently than the average person. They have unconventional ways of solving problems, approaching situations, and reaching goals. Many studies over the years have tried to understand deeper the ways of the highly intelligent. Let’s look at a few of them.

Smart people are not generally soft spoken; they can actually be potty mouths.

Source: Pixabay

A study titled “Taboo word fluency and knowledge of slurs and general pejoratives: deconstructing the poverty-of-vocabulary myth” shows that the ability to utter swear words are linked to high vocabulary and fluency. Smart people with a wide vocabulary tend to swear a lot. This definitely debunks the notion that frequent swearing is only observed in people with lower IQ.

Geniuses also sleep very late.

Source: Pixabay

And this starts happening at an early age, according to research. An analysis of a large representative sample of young Americans supports this.

The study concludes that more intelligent children grow up to be night owls than less intelligent children. Perhaps it’s because highly intelligent people think of so many things!

In addition, highly intelligent people live in organized chaos.

Source: Pixabay

Intelligent and creative people thrive in messy environments. The chaos can also complement how they veer away from conventional thinking. According to researchers at the University of Minnesota, a messy desk is a sign of genius. In an experiment they conducted, participants who were asked to come up with ideas while in a disorganized environment were able to generate more creative and interesting ones than their counterparts who worked in a neat environment.

What do you think of the above characteristics? Do you know any genius who possesses these traits?

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