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You Are A Genius If You Don’t Like To See Or Hear Others Chewing





Does “Sluuuuuuuurpppp” and the smacking of the lips when eating makes you cringe? You probably have misophonia, which is also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome.

It commonly starts with a trigger often an oral sound such as the noise that someone makes when they eat, breathe, chew, yawn, or whistle. Sometimes it is the small repetitive motion like when someone fidgets, jostles you, or wiggles their foot.

Are you disgusted by this?

Mild reactions are being anxious, uncomfortable, the urge to flee, and disgust. Severe reactions are rage, anger, hatred, panic, fear, emotional distress, a desire to kill, skin crawling, and suicidal thoughts.

How about now? Are your toes cringing?

People with severe misophonia can have an impaired social life as they have to avoid restaurants or eat separately from your spouse, family, or roommates.

Misophonia is a condition that makes one quite sensitive to sound because people with this condition are more attentive to the sounds. What makes it rarer is that only 20 percent of people in the world have this disorder.

Sorry but can you handle all of this chewing?

According to the studies conducted by Northwestern University, people diagnosed with Misophonia are linked with creativity and cognitive ability. Thus, people who are sensitive to sound have a higher likelihood to be a creative genius.

Wait, are you losing your mind? Try to suppress your anger on these pigs!

Since “misophoni-cs” are more attentive than the 80% of the population, they are better at grasping things around them. They feed their brain with more information based on sounds they received.

If you are not annoyed by hearing or seeing others chewing, take comfort on the fact that there are people smarter than you.

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