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Gay Couple Adopt HIV Baby Rejected By 10 Families

They took her in when everybody else turned their backs on her.

  • A sick baby was rejected from adoption 10 times because the families didn’t want to deal with a child that has HIV.
  • However, a gay couple decided to adopt the little girl and make sure she gets the treatment she needs.
  • Today, the baby has grown up healthy, thanks to her two dads.

Taking care of a sick child can be a huge burden for a family. This is probably why an adorable infant with HIV was rejected by 10 families. Luckily, the baby was finally adopted by a gay couple who did everything in their power to help her feel better.

Damian Pighin and Ariel Vijarra are known as the first gay couple to get married in Santa Fe, Argentina and they continue to prove that they are truly people to look up to. The couple decided to adopt little Olivia although she was born with HIV. Damian and Ariel welcomed the baby with open arms and have been working on nursing her back to health.

Baby Olivia with her dads Damian and Ariel.

Damian and Ariel revealed that they had to wait three years before they could adopt Olivia. The adoption for the baby was actually offered to 10 other families, who all rejected her because of her condition. However, the couple decided to give Olivia a home.

According to the couple, they immediately knew that there was a special bond between Olivia and her two fathers. They felt this as soon as they held the baby and fed her and she didn’t cry.

Olivia with her dads and her new sister.

It was also confirmed that Olivia underwent treatments to minimize the negative effects of the virus.

Amazingly, the baby had a positive response to the treatments and a recent test revealed that the virus is no longer detectable in her body.

Damian and Ariel made sure Olivia underwent treatments for the virus.

Although there is no cure for HIV and Olivia will need to continue treatments, the baby is truly lucky to have found two awesome fathers who love her and protect her. This is one amazing family that everyone should truly look up to.


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