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How Controversial ‘Gamer Girl’ Belle Delphine Ended Up Making $1M A Month




  • As one of the most popular and controversial internet personalities of today, Belle Delphine is making quite a load of cash because of her crazy viral stunts.
  • People may remember Belle from her Ahegao pose or her ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ for sale.
  • Now she’s set to release an intimate video with her boyfriend scheduled for a Christmas release.

Belle Delphine is definitely one of the most popular celebrities on the internet right now. She initially made waves on YouTube and Instagram and then eventually branched out to Patreon and OnlyFans. Now she’s enjoying an 8-figure salary every month.

Born in South Africa before moving to United Kingdom, Delphine (named Mary-Belle Kirschner in real life) was raised by a conservative Christian family in England. When she was fourteen, she decided to drop out of school and life eventually found her posting cosplay, makeup, and modeling photos and videos on social media where she started to gain some attention.

Belle’s initial claim to fame was when she did the ‘Ahegao’, a Hentai facial expression where a person’s face is shown as if “really enjoying sex.”

In an exclusive interview with Unilad, she reflected:

“This really was the start to everything, that one ahegao photo. I think it’s like that for a lot of people: ‘the right picture at the right moment’.

“It was so surreal watching life change so quickly in front of my eyes, it feels like you’re being pulled forward, and you have to either rise to the occasion and jump on the train, or you don’t.”

That jumpstarted her online career and what followed next is a barrage of stunts that would further put her in the spotlight – including “eating raw eggs, smashing computers, and playing with dead octopuses.”

“I was doing things that I thought were contrasting,” Belle explained. “Of course, I’m not the first to do any of these things. I do take a lot of reference from YouTubers such as FilthyFrank etc, but to me, the real stunts were to just do things that weren’t expected. Being unexpected on the internet is a good way to create dialogue”.

Belle even sold her ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water‘ online, a bizarre idea that was originally a joke. She later decided to give it a shot and it became a big hit on the internet as it made headlines. And yes, people did buy it for $30 per jar as they probably wanted “to own a piece of internet history.”

And she didn’t stop there. She also created an account on adult website P*rnhub, telling everyone she will be uploading a video of her stroking “two big c*cks” and well, let’s just say people were expecting something different from what she had in mind.

“It was just meant as a bit of mischief, I didn’t realize P*rnhub would endorse it and comment on it. It blew up, it got two million likes on Instagram in a few days. The reactions on YouTube when it was just clickbait images and not porn was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

All the insane ideas brought her more than attention – she likewise started making about $200,000 each month as she made it a habit to post content almost everyday on Patreon.

Her earnings further skyrocketed to $1 million each month after since joined OnlyFans where she got 45,000 subscribers in one week’s time..

“It’s so strange seeing numbers like that… really surreal. I really have no way of explaining it beyond that, it was crazy,” Belle admitted.

Now she’s taking things to a whole new level as she recently revealed that she’s set to release her very first p*rn video with her boyfriend this Christmas.

So there will be no more trolling this time around?

“I like posting content that’s pushing the limit,” said Belle. “It’s crazy having s*x and enjoying something, and also filming it specifically for people to watch… It’s a big step, so there will definitely be some anxiety.”

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