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‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Hinted At Where Drogon Brought Daenerys





If you’re one of the millions of people who tuned in for the Game of Thrones series finale, you were probably wondering where Drogon was headed to. Interestingly, the final episode of Season 8 may have dropped some clues as to where the dragon brought Daenerys Targaryen. WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from the Game of Thrones finale so proceed with caution.

The season finale took Daenerys Targaryen to the destroyed Red Keep where she finally saw the Iron Throne. She was only able to touch it and was about to be seated when she was interrupted by Jon Snow. The two spoke about Dany’s plan for world domination, making Jon realize that his beloved queen was becoming a tyrant. This is why Jon decided to kill Dany before she could pursue her plans.

Daenerys’ death was immediately felt by her remaining dragon who tried to wake his dead mother. When Dany wouldn’t get up, the infuriated Drogon burned down the Iron Throne then carefully picked Dany up and flew away.

But where exactly did Drogon take Daenerys’ body? A later scene offered a clue. When the new King’s Small Council wondered about the dragon’s whereabouts, someone mentioned that Drogon was last seen heading east.

There is little doubt that Drogon is bringing Daenerys back to Essos, where she spent most of her life as a young girl dreaming of Westeros. Perhaps for Drogon, Essos is their true home since the dragon was also hatched there in the first season.

There are speculations that Drogon might be taking Daenerys to the place where the dragons were hatched. However, it is also possible that he is actually taking her to a place a little bit further and connected to her true heritage.

One theory suggests that Drogon is headed for Old Valyria, the doomed capital of the Valyrian Freehold. It is the place the Targaryens had abandoned long before it was destroyed by a volcanic event that wiped out all inhabitants. Perhaps it is now a fitting resting place for the Mother of Dragons.

You can learn more about the Old Valyria theory below:

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