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83 Cool Baby Names Taken from Game of Thrones

Love the hit fantasy series? Here are 83 GOT names you can consider for your baby!


Game of Thrones is, without a doubt, one of the world’s biggest television series ever. Since its introduction to the small screen in April 2011, the award-winning HBO show has broken a lot of grounds and has spawned numerous fans across the world.

Now the fandom is at the highest level of excitement with the final season almost upon us this month. Everyone’s just excited to find out where the story will take us this time – and to know who among the surviving characters will remain standing.

Based on author George R.R. Martin’s best selling A Song of Fire and Ice fantasy novel series, Game of Thrones gave us some of the most iconic characters on television. No wonder many parents are taking inspiration from the series as they name their children!

As we learn from a BBC report, the number of babies in the United Kingdom named after the hit series have grown year after year since the show’s introduction.

In 2017, 76 baby girls were called Khaleesi, the character portrayed by actress Emilia Clarke. Meanwhile, there were “343 newborns given the same name as Arya, Maisie Williams’ sword-wielding Stark.”

In case you want to join the fun and declare your fandom with your child, here are 83 Game of Thrones-related names, from characters and actors alike, that you can consider as you name your next baby as shared by Smart Parenting.

Game of Thrones baby names for girls
  • Arya (Stark)
  • Brienne (of Tarth)
  • Catelyn (Stark)
  • Cersei (Lannister)
  • Daenerys (Targaryen)
  • Doreah Elia (Martell)
  • Ellaria (Sand)
  • Emilia (Clark)
  • Gilly
  • Irri
  • Jiqui
  • Khaleesi
  • Lyanna (Stark)
  • Lysa (Arryn)
  • Maisie (Williams)
  • Margaery (Tyrell)
  • Meera (Reed)
  • Melisandre
  • Missandei
  • Myrcella (Lannister)
  • Nymeria (Sand)
  • Olenna (Tyrell)
  • Roslin
  • Sansa (Stark)
  • Shae
  • Shireen (Baratheon)
  • Selyse (Baratheon)
  • Sophie (Turner)
  • Talisa (Stark)
  • Tyene (Sand)
  • Yara (Greyjoy)
  • Ygritte
Game of Thrones baby names for boys
  • Alliser (Thorne)
  • Barristan (Selmy)
  • Beric (Donderrion)
  • Bran or Brandon (Stark)
  • Benjen (Stark)
  • Bronn
  • Daario (Naharis)
  • Davos (Seaworth)
  • Doran (Martell)
  • Drogo
  • Eddard (Stark)
  • Edmure (Tully)
  • Eddison (Ed)
  • Gendry
  • Gregor (Clegane)
  • Grenn
  • Jamie (Lannister)
  • Jaqen (H’ghar)
  • Jeor (Mormont)
  • Joffrey (Lannister)
  • Jojen (Reed)
  • Jon (Snow)
  • Jorah (Mormont)
  • Khal
  • Kevan (Lannister)
  • Kit (Harrington)
  • Lancel (Lannister)
  • Loras (Tyrell)
  • Luwin
  • Mace (Tyrell)
  • Oberyn (Martell)
  • Petyr (Baelish)
  • Podrick (Payne)
  • Ramsay (Bolton)
  • Renly (Baratheon)
  • Rhaegar (Targaryen)
  • Rickon (Stark)
  • Robb (Stark)
  • Robert (Baratheon)
  • Rodrik (Cassell)
  • Roose (Bolton)
  • Robin (Arryn)
  • Samwell or Sam (Tarly)
  • Sandor (Clegane)
  • Stannis (Baratheon)
  • Theon (Greyjoy)
  • Tommen (Baratheon)
  • Tormund
  • Tristayne (Martell)
  • Tyrion (Lannister)
  • Varys
  • Viserys (Targaryen)


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