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Futuristic Tire Concepts Designed to Revolutionize the Future of Mobility





Whether you are into cars or not, you know so well the importance of tires. Not only do they help you keep safe on the road, they guarantee you a smooth transportation. With technology’s never-ending advancement, it is no surprise that tires are now more capable than ever.

A video featuring different kinds of concept tires is making rounds on the internet. And judging by their looks, they could really change the future of mobility. With how cool and innovative they are, there is no reason for motorists to never desire them.

These concept tires will definitely revolutionize the future of mobility.

Source: Futurism

For instance, there is a hyper-agility tire that makes sharp turns a walk in the park. This is perfect especially for roads with lots of bends and/or curves. This alone can revolutionize a person’s driving experience, making him safer and comfortable.

And, oh, did we forget to mention a tire that can climb over various obstacles such as speed bumps and stairs? You are definitely going to love it. But what if you are tired of using tires, or perhaps you want to try something new? Well, there is this thing that utilizes magnetic fields to move. Think of it as a hoverboard but only that it is way cooler.

The hyper-agility tire can help making turns on bends and curves a walk in the park.

Source: Futurism

So, if you are really into a more futuristic driving experience, there is no doubt these concept tires will make you fall in love. And although they may be a bit expensive – once they are put into sales – their benefits outweigh the money you spend.

Why don’t you check the video below and see for yourself? Let us know which one is your favorite!

Here is the video featuring futuristic tires:

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