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Furious Girlfriend Sells Boyfriend’s Xbox For $3 After He Cheated On Her

“He’s completely broken my heart, so I don’t regret it – it’s my bit of revenge.”






Never underestimate a woman’s ability to find out the truth, and her power after realizing her man had cheated on her. That’s exactly what happened to Georgia Jackson, who found out about her cheating boyfriend and decided to hit him where it really hurt: his Xbox.

Josh Maddock cheated when Georgia was pregnant with their first child. This was the second time that she caught her boyfriend committing adultery. Fed up with her man’s cheating ways, Georgia decided to get revenge on him.

The 24-year-old had been with her partner for four years before she discovered he’d cheated on her once in 2016, and then again last year when she was pregnant.

To get back at him, Georgia decided to sell his Xbox, expensive headphones, and a lot of games for a measly amount of $3. She then posted it on a Facebook Page called “Northumberland’s Everything Must Go.”

Georgia wrote on the description:

“Xbox one comes with brand new turtle beach headphones and 4 games. Just learnt my partner put his pe nis in another girl so selling his pride and joy hence the price.

First one to collect it can have it for £3, I would give it away but need to buy myself a new kitchen knife as mine is currently sticking out of his tyres.”

Georgia then explained how posting the ad and humiliating her boyfriend made her feel much better. She shared that she felt very betrayed by him. Georgia also noted that she always thought of smashing her boyfriend’s Xbox if he’ll do anything hurtful.

Well, he did. Now the Xbox is paying the price.

Georgia added:

“After I’d posted it, I felt a lot better. It distracted me and spurred me on a bit. He’s completely broken my heart, so I don’t regret it – it’s my bit of revenge.”

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Clever Dog Learns to Buy Treats With Leaves As Money After Observing Students

This dog knows how to buy his own food!

Mark Andrew



Dogs can be very smart and in many cases, they learn best by observing us, humans. This has recently been proven again by a clever dog who learned to buy treats and paying them using leaves as money.

It's adorable and impressive at the same time but yes, that's what recently happened and people can't get enough of this black pup. According to reports, the cute incident happened at the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Colombia and the animal, who's been adopted by staff members, roams around the school yard.

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Shocking Video Shows ‘Paralyzed’ Veteran Walking After Given Free House

I can’t believe this guy!




U.S. Army specialist Justin Perez-Gorda suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in Afghanistan in January 2011. To show their gratitude for his service, non-profit organization Homes for Our Troops built a wheelchair-accessible home for him in Dripping Springs, Texas.

For years, Justin and his wife Josephine claimed that he permanently lost the use of his lower extremities as the result of an IED explosion. Now, Justin is under investigation by the organization after footage surfaced of him walking on the free property they generously built for him despite saying that he is permanently paralyzed from the belly-button down.

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Unicorn Armpit Hair Is 2019’s First Colorful New Trend

Are you ready for the new unicorn trend?

Nobelle Borines



The past year has been filled with truly interesting trends. However, it looks like 2019 will be no different. The first colorful trend for the year is finally here and it's all about Unicorn Armpit Hair.

Armpit hair is certainly making a major comeback in 2019 after women decided to get rid of their razors and go au naturel. With Januhairy, several women allowed their body hair to grow naturally and share their progress on social media. However, Unicorn Armpit Hair is taking that trend up to a new level.

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