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15 Funny Fathers Who Were Too Protective Of Their Daughters

Stay clear, boys! You have been warned…


Sure, being a parent alone is tough. But being a father to a teenage daughter? Well, that’s an entirely different challenge!

Just ask anyone who’s ever been there and you will know. Fathers and teens often do not mix quite well. Try as they may to stay cool, dads sometimes tend to come up with ridiculous rules to protect their “little princesses.” All this at a time when girls are starting to mature, wanting to experience and explore more freedom!

As you can imagine, it’s a scenario that’s perfectly fit for a sitcom.

In this compilation, we’ll share with you 15 hilarious fathers who were clearly too protective of their daughters. Scroll down below and have a good laugh!

#1. This dad is not in the mood to smile.

Source: Imgur
#2. Introducing: The most effective birth control blanket.

Source: Imgur
#3. Stay clear, boys!

Source: Imgur
#4. Rules for dating my daughter.

Source: Imgur
#5. Dad and brothers welcoming her prom date.

Source: izismile
#6. He’s trying really hard to smile on the second photo.

Source: Imgur
#7. Now he doesn’t have to remind her all the time.

Source: Imgur
#8. You have been warned.

Source: Etsy
#9. He’s getting ready!

Source: Dump A Day
#10. This father is fixed on who he wants to have as son-in-law.

Source: Supr Tickets
#11. A sweet note from daddy.

Source: Imgur
#12. Boys will be too scared to even bother

Source: Reddit
#13. Daddy is not happy!

Source: Twitter
#14. Daddy is always there for you – like literally!

Source: Twitter
#15. A daughter’s revenge to her overprotective father!

Source: Imgur

When she wrote “I wish I could have seen your face reading this,” we were totally there with her! We bet his expression was priceless.

Got any funny strict dad moments to share? Please feel free to let us know about it by leaving a comment below!


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