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Dad Tweets Funny Experiences With 4 Daughters and It’s Internet Gold!





Parenthood is a wonderful journey and it’s definitely worth documenting. Thanks to mobile devices and social media, capturing children’s milestones have become much easier for fathers and mothers of today compared to those from, say, 20 or 30 years ago.

Take it from James Breakwell, a father of four girls who loves sharing his hilarious exchanges with his four daughters. A comedy writer by profession, James often sees the funny side of parenting and delightfully shares it on his Twitter page – and he’s been doing that since April 2016.

Fast forward to the present and he now has over a million followers on the said micro-blogging site! His fans just couldn’t get enough of his funny (at times, heartwarming or thought-provoking) tweets and he’s become an internet sensation because of it.

Check out some of his best tweets below and see for yourself:

In an interview, James shared that his kids love all the attention he’s getting online.

He shared:

“They like what I do on Twitter mainly because it’s all about them.

“On one hand, Twitter makes me a better father because I spend more time with my kids. On the other hand, Twitter makes me a much worse father because I only do it to get more material.”

If you want to see more of James’ hilarious posts, you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You may also check out his official Exploding Unicorn website for his book Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse which is described as “a mash-up of a traditional parenting advice book and a zombie survival guide, bringing together two totally unrelated genres in a comedy book no one asked for but everyone needs.”

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