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Philippine City Turns Plastic Waste Into Beautiful Flower Garden

It’s made of trash and it’s perfect for your Instagram snaps!

  • A city in the southern part of the Philippines has recycled almost 30,000 plastic bottles into a flower garden.
  • Lamitan City’s Forever Tulip Garden has become a tourist attraction and a favorite Instagram destination.
  • According to the city government, the garden is just one of their initiatives towards solid waste management.

Sure, we’re all familiar with the quote that says “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” but have you ever heard about garbage being used to create a beautiful flower garden? Well, read ahead and you just might be surprised.

This story is about how a small city in the Philippines recycled plastic bottles into a colorful flower garden. The project has since received a lot of positive reaction from netizens everywhere and has opened up discussions about the importance of recycling.

Lamitan City’s tulip garden is all plastic – and it’s Instagram-worthy!

Located in the province of Basilan, Lamitan City has amazingly managed to create a new tourist attraction by using trash.

According to reports, the Forever Tulip Garden was made from almost 30,000 scrap plastic bottles.

The said bottles were gathered by the government from 45 villages around the city. The bottles were cut into tulip shapes and then painted with different colors while some were used to create garden pathways.

The garden in Sitio Panansangan, Barangay Ubit is free of charge and so locals and tourists can enjoy the man-made scenery without paying anything.

Rose Furigay, mayor of Lamitan, said that the garden is just one of the city’s initiatives towards managing trash. She likewise hopes that the project will inspire people to do their part as well.

The mayor reminded everyone:

“”Plastic bottles make up a large volume of our waste in Lamitan City… I hope this will be a call to everyone. Let us not just be mindful of the beauty but let us be mindful of how to minimize the use of plastic.”

Watch this short video:

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