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His Audition Started Off Great, But Something Went Wrong. What Happened Next? Amusing!





Britain’s Got Talent has been showcasing a lot of people who are really exceptional at what they do for almost eight years now. During the audition period, it’s typical to watch great dancers and singers boldly take the stage and own it. What’s more entertaining to watch are those contestants who can surprise the judges and the audience with their act.

Like the man in the video for example. This handsome, strongly-built, 27-year-old man from London named Lewis Codling walked up the stage and immediately caught all the women’s attention.

Then he started to sing. He has a great tone in his voice and the crowd obviously loved him. However, something went wrong in the middle of his performance; a technical glitch seemed to have occurred. The crew suddenly gathered on the stage with him, but much to everyone’s disbelief, this happened next! According to the original YouTube description, the group is known as “Forbidden Nights.” So, does their name give you a clue of what they did during the audition?

Watch this entertaining video and tell us what you think about it.

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H/T: Metaspoon

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