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Blind Date Gone Wrong After Woman Brings 23 Relatives To Test The Man’s Generosity




  • An unnamed woman in China reportedly brought 23 relatives along after her blind date agreed to pay for the meals.
  • The entire bill amounted to 19,800 yuan and the man eventually decided to bail out.
  • Meanwhile, the woman claims she was “the victim” in the said incident.

A woman in China recently made headlines after bringing along 23 of her relatives to a blind date. Her purpose? She wanted to put the man’s generosity to the test.

According to reports, the unnamed woman was invited to a candle-lit dinner with the assurance that he will pay for the mea along with her chaperone. Much to his surprise, however, she later showed up at the venue with almost two dozen family members.

A first date that immediately turned into a nightmare!

This happened in the province of Zhejiang and China Press reported that the total bill for the said date added up to 19,800 yuan (around US $2,947) as they occupied four tables, even ordering alcoholic beverages and cigarettes in addition to the costly food.

The man, 29-year-old Mr Liu, understandably left the place when he saw the amount. He also turned his mobile phone off. She was later left to pay for the bill after her relatives refused to split since she waas the one who invited them to come.

One of them even asked “Isn’t it supposed to be the man’s responsibility to pay for a matchmaking date?”

In a Mothership article, we see a screenshot of her exchange with her relatives, where she wrote:

“Hi everyone, thank you for your support during my last blind date. The guy and I agreed before the date that he would pay for the meal.

Someone created trouble during the meal by claiming that the guy is rich, so they should eat more and test his generosity. It made the whole situation unbearable.

I am the biggest victim in this situation. Because the amount spent far exceeds what I am able to pay.

My reputation has also been damaged. I don’t care who ordered cigarettes and alcohol. I hope the bill can be split equally among us all.”

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