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Helmet Camera Captures the Terrifying Moment These Brave Firefighters Rescued Some Kids





A dreadful yet dramatic video was released by Fresno Fire Department showing the rescue of three children trapped inside a burning apartment. Captured by two helmet mounted cameras, the footage shows how these firefighters make way through the thick smoke caused by the fire in search of the children. You can barely see anything but notice the glass shattering during the intense rescue operation.

“The mother had given us a general direction of where the kids were to be located. It’s zero visibility inside the building so we’re kind of using, we’re feeling down the wall trying to recognize objects,” said Palmer, the Fresno Fire Captain.

Fortunately, the three children–a one year old boy, three and four year old girls although unconscious from toxic smoke are blessed enough to be rescued by such a brave team just in time before the situation gets worst.

Watch the terrifying video:

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These firefighters are the world’s modern day heroes and they really live up to that. They don’t mind risking their own lives just to protect and save other people’s lives and that for me is true heroism.

After the incident, the mother of the three children was arrested while the children are currently in critical condition according to The Fresno Bee. Here’s the video of Jerry Dryer, Fresno Police Chief explaining everything that  has happened.

I hope the children are safe now and they recover from the trauma of this fateful event that nearly cost them their lives.

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