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Woman’s Bedroom Selfie Has Gone Viral For A Very Odd Reason





There is a new trend in taking bedroom selfies today and it is called fingermouthing. As the name implies, fingermouthing is a way of showing your allure by putting your fingers in some way to your mouth to achieve a sexy, teasing look. Some people also use it to look cute and incite awe– though it may not always have the same effect. Scroll down for some of the better examples from Instagram.

This is a new trend that appears to be spreading on Instagram nowadays. From celebrities to common people, fingermouthing proved to be one of the most used poses when taking alluring selfies.



Source: Instagram

However, some selfies has also gone viral not because of the beautiful faces in it. In fact, most people shared images not because of the person in the photo but due to something odd in it.

The best example of this is a black-and-white image of a woman in her bedroom. She made the fingermouthing pose by lightly biting her pointer finger. Check it out.

Do you see it?

Do you see it?

Source: Instagram

Looks like an innocent selfie right? Wrong. Many social media users who saw the image also failed to see the odd thing about this picture.

“I looked for ages and couldn’t see anything,” one of them wrote.

“I can’t figure it out someone help me!” said another.

And then comes the big reveal…

Source: Pinterest

See her fingers? The woman in this photo has one too many.

Based on the photo, she is obviously putting her pointer finger in her mouth which means the remaining ones clasped should only be three. But as you can see, she has four more fingers not counting the thumb which truly should not be seen in the photo.

A couple of Internet users did find the odd ball in the picture, with one saying: “It’s her hands. She has too many fingers.”

No one has debunked the authenticity of the image just yet. However, it did make for a fine time killer since many were looking at the woman’s background searching for a ghostly figure instead of the real subject of the image.