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Brothers Go Viral Because of Their Extremely Unique Names





Naming a baby is always an experience. As parents, most of us usually consult with our spouses so we can come up with the best names for our babies. Some choose simple names while others take a different route and go with uncommon ones.

Recently, three brothers from the Philippines have gotten massive attention online because of the unique names their parents have given them. It all began when Takeshi Suda, a Facebook user, shared photos of the siblings’ school IDs. From there, social media netizens and several news sites have since taken notice.

Meet the Tamayo brothers from Pangasinan, Philippines.

Source: Facebook

Hailing from the province of Pangasinan, the three Tamayo boys all have unusual, hard-to-pronounce monikers such as Dzywrygh Lynzh, Pzxydynn Yzzr, and Djykynll Rysym.

Yes, folks, those are really their names and netizens everywhere have found it really amusing.

It’s easy to imagine how these boys often get asked where their parents actually got their names.

Source: Facebook

As you can see, their names are like a tongue-twister gibberish, an email password, a random captcha, or something.

We just bet their classmates and teachers often have fun with them and yeah, they probably get asked over and over about their names’ origins. Also, imagine how a Starbucks barista would have a hard time spelling their names on their cups.

The real reason behind the uniqueness…

Source: Facebook

In a Definitely Filipino article, we learn that the boys parents had very short and very simple names – Jon and Mercy. And that’s exactly the main reason “why they decided to take a different turn when naming their children” so they went with the most unique names they can think of.

Well obviously, the couple achieved their goal and now their sons have even achieved their 15 minutes of fame on the internet because of it.

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