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28 Uncommon Baby Names You’ll Want for Your Future Kids


Naming children can be a challenging task. There’s a long list of considerations you have to think about. Give them a name that’s too common and they’ll be indistinguishable from all the Michaels and Emmas and Marys. Give them a name that tries too hard to be unique and they’ll have to spell their name to everyone for the rest of their life.

There is, of course, a middle ground for this: uncommon names. Uncommon names are neither obnoxiously trying hard to be unique nor frequently seen in their age groups. The beauty of these names is that they often have a cultural significance or a deep meaning behind them. So not only will your kid get a cool name that’s different from the rest, but the meaning behind it can be a conversation starter when they’re older!

"Please don't name me anything weird!"

Here are 28 baby names you might want to consider:

1. Adley – a Hebrew name for a boy or girl that means “judicious”

2. Arnelle – a French name that means “bear prince”

3. Bexley – an Old English name for box trees and woodland clearings

4. Bodhi – a Sanskrit name meaning “awakened” or “enlightened.” It’s also the name of the large tree that the founder of Buddhism sat beneath to reach enlightenment.

5. Britta – a popular Germanic and Scandinavian name meaning “strength” or “exalted one”

6. Cala/Calla – Cala is an Arabic name meaning “fortress,” while Calla is a Greek name that means “beautiful.”

7. Cayson – one of the relatively new yet lovely made-up names that have only been around for about two decades.

8. Dangelo – originally derived from Deangelo, this Italian name means “from an angel”

9. Enoch – pronounced EE-nok, this Hebrew name means “dedicated”

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10. Farren – this name has many different meanings in different languages. In Irish, it means “the land,” while in French and English it means “adventurous”

11. Grecia – a Latin name that means “grace”

12. Harlyn/Harlan – an English name that means “gray land” or “hare land”

13. Ignacio – this Spanish name meaning “fire” has been rising in popularity in the US these past few years.

14. Joziah – a Hebrew name that means “fire of the Lord”

15. Kael – a Gaelic name that means “mighty warrior”

16. Lilith– a Hebrew name meaning “of the night”

17. Malachi – a Hebrew name meaning “my messenger” or “my angel”

18. Maxton – a derivative of the name Maxwell, it means “settlement” in English and Scottish

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19. Nimah – a feminine name that means “devotion” in Arabic

20. Oriana – a feminine Italian name that means “gold”

21. Quinten – a name of Dutch and Latin origin, it simply means “fifth” and is commonly given to a fifth-born child

22. Roderick – “Hrod” means fame and “ric” means power in English, Scottish, and Welsh

23. Syden – a name of unknown origin that have taken up many different meanings like “crowned,” “king of peace,” and “laughter”

24. Thea – this Greek name is taken from the goddess of light, and the mother of the sun, moon, and dawn. It’s often a shortened version of Dorothea or Althea.

25. Uri – a Hebrew name that means “my light”

26. Vaughn – a Welsh name derived from “bychan,” which means “little”

27. Weylyn – a Celtic name that means “song of the wolf”

28. Zuri – a Swahili name that means “beautiful”

Have you found the future name of your child in this list?

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