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8 Exceptional Mountain Hikes Across The World

Get ready for a wondrous journey with these famous hikes!






If you want to take exercise outside of the usual gym and have an unforgettable adventure at the same time, you might want to try hiking. More than just giving you the satisfaction of achievement when you reach the peak; hiking gives you an incredible connection with nature as you appreciate its beauty and discover history.

Today, we give you eight of the most amazing mountains to hike. Whether you are new or not to this activity, these trails should definitely be included in your must-climb list.

#1. Laguna de los Tres, Los Glaciares, Argentina

This trail takes you to the deep mountains of Cerro Fitz Roy, Aguja Poincenot and Torre. These three mountains wait at the end of the track like rocky guardians around a lakeshore called Lagoon of Three. The awesome 14-mile hike is truly worth it as the Los Glaciares National Park leads you to a stunning scenery. Hikers also have plenty of options for accommodation at the end of the day.

#2. Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

The goal here is to reach the peak before or just in time for the sunrise. However, it will not be that easy as this 7360ft small mountain is a punishing climb. Although there are six possible trails going to the top, trail hikers usually pick the Hatton Trail, a steep uphill slog with stairs cut into the mountain. Reaching the top is really rewarding as you get a view of the island’s east, west and south coast.

#3. South West Coast Path, UK

This trail is like hiking Mt. Everest four times. Its 2700-mile trail is the longest footpath of England and UK’s longest national route which requires at least a month to explore. It follows the rich, beautiful coastline of the island’s southwestern peninsula. When hiking here, lingering while walking at a leisurely pace is recommended – so you can enjoy the views.

#4. Tateyama-Kamikōchi Hike, Japan

This Japanese journey takes around seven days to explore. The route has a number of camping areas where you can stay while mountain huts provide you with bedding and meal if you’d prefer that.

#5. Mt Toubkal, Morocco

At 13,671ft, Mt Toubkal is truly the highest peak in North Africa. The long route offers insights into local Berber culture while the summit gives you a pleasant view across a spectacular landscape that the hardy Berber has made their own.

#6. Caminito Del Rey, Spain

Known as the ‘Walkway of Death,’ the rope and cable trail is a scary hike that delves into the narrow El Chorro gorge, which is 328ft deep at specific points. Crossing this bridge and getting to the top is obviously not for the faint of heart!

#7. Enchantment Lakes, Washington, USA

This breathtaking view of the Upper Snow Lake calms the weary soul as hikers need to summon courage for a dangerous log crossing over a waterfall. This spot, however, should only be taken by experienced trekkers.

#8. Rakiura Track, Stewart Island, New Zealand

The Stewart Island’s kiwis are not easy to spot. You’ll have to wait until past 6pm for you to get there. The 20-mile circuit starts near the Rakiura National Park visitor center on the east coast of the island. It usually takes three days to complete this route and you’ll need to book huts in advance.

These mountains are surely challenging, but the thrill and fun of hiking makes it all worth it.

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