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This Duo Designed a Toy to Satisfy All Your Fidgeting Urges

Check out this toy that lets you fidget in the most discreet and satisfying way possible!

Mich Escultura




Are you a fidgeter?


Whenever you’re nervous during, say, a first date, an interview, or just about any social interaction, do you tend to fidget? Perhaps even if you’re not nervous, you prefer to tinker with something to be able to focus better? Maybe you’re just bored and looking for something to do to keep you awake? Does this lead you to play with your hair or twiddle your thumbs or tap on your desk? If you do, then you’ll love this nifty little cube!

Meet the Fidget Cube!


The Fidget cube is a little desk toy for anyone who likes to fidget. It’s the perfect little device for people who like to get their hands on anything to tinker with. It’s designed to satisfy the urge to spin, roll, click, or tap objects around you.

Creators Matthew and Mark McLachlan theorize that fidgeting might be a coping mechanism that allows people to stay focused, which is precisely why they conceptualized the Fidget Cube over the course of 4 years.

In the creation of this revolutionary cube, the creators wanted to make sure of two things. One, the functionality of the cube needed to really satisfy a person’s need to fidget. The cube had to be small and compact, while still being filled with fidgeting options. And two, they wanted to create a discreet toy that could be used in any situation.

The cube has 6 sides with their own unique functions.

The cube has 6 sides with their own unique functions.

Of course, you’re wondering about the different fidgeting needs this desk toy provides. As with any cube, the Fidget Cube has 6 sides, each with their own functions:

One side has 5 clickable buttons, three of which are audible, and two of which are silent.

The next side has a flat joystick that smoothly glides across the surface.

Next is the flip, which has a switch you can rock back and forth.

The opposite side is the “Breathe” side, which is modeled to relieve anxiety.

Then there’s the side with the tactile gears (like a combination lock) and a clickable ball and socket for both quiet and loud fidgeting.

And lastly, there’s the rotating dial.

Pretty neat, huh?

If you want to get your fidgety hands on the Fidget Cube, back their project on their Kickstarter page or go check out Now until your cube gets sent over to you, might as well find some other random object to fidget with!

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In Japan, There’s a Show Called “Do Not Swallow” And It Sounds Oddly Interesting

Oh, Japan! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?




Ah, Japan! Land of weird and wonderful stuff! Well, what may be weird to us is normal to the Japanese, so that's why their pop culture is a gift that keeps on giving for us who are looking for things that seem strange and unusual.

Now for those who basically live on the internet, it's no secret that Japanese TV shows are very interesting... and that's putting it mildly. I mean, they feature stuff that may not exactly fly on local TV anywhere else in the world. This show right here is an excellent example. It's called "Do Not Swallow" and from the name, you will have a pretty good idea what's in store for the audience.


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First-time Passenger Entered the Airport through its X-Ray Scanner

Well, this man’s first flying trip is sure going to be memorable.

Ann Nuñez



Well, this man's first flying trip is sure going to be memorable. A CCTV footage posted online has been going online because of one man's ridiculous act at the airport. In the footage, an Arab man can be seen going inside the airport carrying his luggage. The man was quickly stopped by airport authorities because he didn't put his luggage through the X-ray scanner. He was ordered to go back and submit his luggage for inspection.

Unfortunately, the man didn't get the instructions right; what he did next shocked both airport officials and innocent bystanders.

See for yourself in the video below:

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This Japanese Girl Is Dubbed As The Hottest Taxi Driver In The World

With her as the driver, I definitely wouldn’t mind getting stuck in traffic.

Mark Andrew



Getting stuck in traffic is never a fun thing. In fact I hate it very much. It sucks how I sometimes leave home early just to make it to my appointments but bad traffic almost always never fails to make me late.

But I’ll be honest with you, I wouldn’t actually mind getting stuck in a gridlock if my taxi driver is as beautiful as this girl.

Netizens are currently calling Ikuta Kana, 24, as the "hottest taxi driver."

ikuta kana taxi driver model 4

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