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Barbie Introduces New Gender Neutral Doll Collection




  • Barbie’s new “Creatable World” line introduces gender neutral dolls for children.
  • The dolls come with accessories that allow kids to change the toy from “boy, girl, neither or both.”

When we hear the name ‘Barbie,’ we usually think of those slim, long-haired dolls that young girls love to play with. The brand has mostly been synonymous with that image for years but now it looks like Mattel, the company behind the iconic toy, is shaking things up a bit by straying away from the usual stereotype.

According to recent reports, the toy manufacturer is launching a line of gender neutral dolls. This means that a doll can be “a boy, a girl, neither or both,” as described by a Bored Panda article.

Barbie’s new “Creatable World” is a game-changing doll line that’s totally “free of labels,” according to Mattel.
Each of the dolls come with several accessories such as short and long hair, pants, skirts, and others.

Kim Culmone, Mattel’s senior vice president for Fashion Doll Design, explained that the company “felt it was time” for them to create the doll line, especially as diversity and inclusivity becomes more widely accepted in the world today.

Mattel and other toy companies have often been criticized by parents for creating “divisions” for their products such as only encouraging boys and girls to play with cars and dolls respectively. Usually, toy sections have blue and pink sections to indicate which ones are for which gender.

The dolls are expected to carry a $29.99 price tag once they hit the market.

Podcaster Molly Woodstock, who identifies as nonbinary, said that it is “unarguably good” that children these days are going to enjoy the opportunity of playing with a doll that does not have a “neatly assigned gender.

“Just the social and cultural validation of trans and nonbinary gender identities through this doll feels really powerful,” Woodstock further added.

Watch this short video report to learn more:

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